Dellas Lingerie :: Moda íntima masculina e feminina :: Adulto e infantil :: Calcinhas, soutiens, conjuntos, cuecas, baby-dolls, sutiãs, camisolas, calçolas, meias e pijamas

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dellas lingerie

"Brazilian, smart, spontaneous, curvy, relaxed. The Brazilian allure cannot be explained. It is shown in a gesture, a look, a posture , and in the very intimacy of every moment"
Dellas Lingerie is a sparkling Brazilian brand that was born out of innovation, love for comfortable underwear, passion and desire.
Since 1996, Dellas Lingerie has developed an exceptional know-how of beautiful, comfortable and sexy underwear. Dellas Lingerie also offers men and women everyday underwear made of rich fabrics, precise fit with a slice of personal and intimate experience.
Deliver better value through better designs! Offer products that add beauty, elegance, creativity, comfort, joy, satisfaction and modernity, in tune with the desires of our consumers, creating dreams and fantasies for our customers.
Our values
We strive to achieve our clients’ needs and desires with use of vibrant, cutting-edge colours and materials.
Respect to people
To Treat our customers, employees and partners respectfully, professionally, efficiently and with courtesy. Without their talent, skills and demands we couldn’t go from ordinary to extraordinary.
Innovation and creativity
Provide an innovative environment where our energetic teams are free to create and develop sustainable and desirable underwear.
Focus on safety, competitiveness, loyalty and fair play , in accordance with legislation and agreements.
Conscious use of resources , working closely with Textile Industry Association in order to improve our energy efficiency as well as managing waste.
Invest on technology , process improvement and work with the best resources.
Increase brand value.
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